Wednesday, 28 July 2010


So the Cartier Polo event was the other day and here is my list of winners and losers in the wardrobe department! This has to be one of the most glamorous events in the annual calendar so expectations are always high...

Katherine Jenkins in Lavin

I adore this dress! It fits her so well and oozes glamour despite being very plain. Very classy! I think the ruffle across the bust and over the shoulder is such a nice detail and helps show off a statement without 'being too in your face.'

Camilla Belle - Designer unknown - Anyone know??

Love the shape of the skirt and the patter on it, very summery without using floral patterns or bright colours! The red belt just lifts the whole outfit. 
Paloma Faith in D&G

I have to admit that Paloma's outfits aren't always my favourite but this one I think she really pulls off. The hat may not have been necessary, but you are at the Polo I guess! But the dress is gorgeous and suits her shape perfectly. Also love the bracelet she has here!

Amber Le Bon

Not sure about the denim addition here, but love this pretty and delicate dress, teamed with the boots gives it a bit more substance! Lovely. 

Geri Halliwell

This isn't hideous or anything but think it looks too high street for such a fancy occasion and I'm pretty sure she can afford something a bit more exotic! Also - silver bag, gold shoes... really??

Tina Hobley (From Holby City)

Again, nothing majorily wrong with this dress - I do quite like it, but it just doesn't seem to do anything for her! Is it me, am i being harsh? But I'm not a fan!

Holly Valance- unknown designer...

This just looks odd. It looks far to big on top and the pattern matched with the pattern on the bag is just too much. The belt doesn't do anything - doesn't pull her in, just adds to the chaos of the dress. However, love the shoes! 

Josh Weller

I dislike it when people put in a lot of effort into trying to look like they haven't made a lot of effort in their outfit. Clearly a lovely suit and he hasn't done it justice!

So there you go! Who are your favourites? Did I miss anyone??

All photos from 'The Telegraph.'

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Anna Katrina said...

love these! camilla belle looks adorable! (as always)

stop by sometime<3

Anonymous said...

josh weller looks amazing. you knob.

Annie said...

Reply to Anonymous - Everyone is entitled to their opinion! Name calling though, not really needed! But thanks anyway!

Angela Joy said...

very classy looks, love em.

..R May A.. said...

I love Camilla Belle's outfit here :)

Not a Paper Cup said...

love the first one! :) class!

Sarah said...

some great outfits! camilla belle gets it right every time!! xxx

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Love the first dress!

kirstyb said...

geri halliwell looks fantastic x

Anonymous said...

I think Josh Weller looks wonderful. Such a talented singer.

Sarah x

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