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So we've seen all the photos of the celebs in their bikinis and been told about the latest 'fad' diet that can get you looking like Kelly Brook in just a week! But when push comes to shov, how much are you willing to spend on your cossies and bikinis?

I was reading the Stylist on my way home last night and was flicking through all the options they had on offer. Prices ranged from £25 to £370! To be honest, I think £25 is more than enough! I used to buy more expensive bikinis during my 'surfer days' when I used to frequently visit Quicksilver and Roxy for my Bikinis. They would set me back about £50. However they did fit me really well and I had an issue - which I still hold - with string tied bottoms! Which is was the majority of high street stores offer. I get paranoid that I'll climb out the pool and they'll just fall down!

Now, however, my favourite places to go for swimwear are Marks & Spencer's and H&M. Both offer affordable, fashionable items that are realistically priced. One thing I have found with swimwear is that no matter how much you spend, it all doesn't last very long and don't see the point in paying out a fortune on it.

Marks & Spencer's swimwear is by far the most durable and long lasting. One bikini I still wear I've had for about 4 years now and I love it. H&M is my other favourite because they are so reasonably priced, I bought a bikini this year for £7.98 - bargain! And I love it, it's comfortable and I wont be heartbroken if it falls apart at the end of summer as it is so reasonably priced.

Where do you guys get your swimwear from? Does anyone think that £50+ is a fair price to pay? I honestly think that even I was a millionaire I wouldn't bother to pay out hundreds of pounds on swimwear, sure I might go a bit more upmarket and not be upset spending £50, but I would much rather buy a pair of shoes for £350 or a new handbag, as they would be designed to last and more than likely if you had problems with them you could get them repaired etc. Swimwear isn't meant to last, it's not durable due to the stresses you put it through, in and out of chlorine filled pools, the salty sea and (if you're good!) lots of suncream! Has anyone else found any bikini bargains? 

As much as I love bikinis and get excited when I have a reason to buy them, I still try and get them for £25 and under. Means I have more money for a cocktail round the pool! ;)

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A D&G Bikini - This will set you back £150


The Marks & Spencer equivalent - only costing £22 - still very pretty!
Really liked this 'strawberry' one from Topshop - but they didn't have my size! Booo... £25

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Amy said...

Annie! I just bought a string bikini in the Quicksilver sale (which came to €42 all together) after searching through various high street shops. At the moment I have three bikinis - two good ones from Accessorize and one from Quicksilver that I bought about 5 years ago but has definitely stood the test of time! My problem is that, being somewhat 'well-endowed' in the chest department, most of the high street ones look rubbish because they only cater for smaller sizes. I'm reluctant to spend too much on the bikini since, as you said in your blog, it doesn't seem worth it as it just gets worn out eventually. However, I felt justified paying €42 because even though it's a string bikini it felt more substantial and of a much higher quality than the other ones I tried. I also know (from the other Roxy one I have) that they tend to last a long time.

So - I bought it. I know what you mean about string-tie paranoia, but I think they can be quite flattering. I also like that you can usually buy separates, which is important for me, so got a Large top and Small bottoms. Perhaps the only worrying thing is that the bottoms are TINY. I effectively look like I'm wearing a kind of weird bikini thong...

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