Thursday, 29 July 2010


I went to see Toy Story 3 last Friday, and I am a huge fan of Buzz and Woody, and was needless to say, slightly excited. I also had never been to see a 3D film before (yes I know, lame, what with Alice in Wonderland, Avatar etc but yes I never made it to see them!), and so it was going to be a whole new experience!
 Now I wont ruin the story for all those who haven't seen it, instead I'm just going to say, GO SEE IT NOW! I loved it! Sure, this one was a little more emotional and had more 'meaning' behind it, but it is the last in the series and so that was kind of a given. I think the Spanish element (can't say exactly as don't want to tell all, but those who have seen will now what I mean) was pure genius and I was actually in FITS of laughter. 

However, I wasn't blown away with the 3D effects, this film wasn't made for 3D, unlike, Avatar (I'm guessing!) So if you don't want to fork out for the more expensive 3D tickets, I'd say that you wont be missing out much. How I would describe it, is that there was more 3D depth, i.e. the film went back into the screen more, rather than having things jumping out at you all the time. 

I have a 3 (nearly 4) year old cousin who has just seen the first Toy Story and now is a buzz and Woody fan as well and it did make me miss childhood and the days when you did just play with your toys all the time. Another thing that I think was great about this film is the imagination that is portrayed by the children in the film. Imagination is a fragile thing, that as we get older we slowly loose! 

I'm not tech savvy enough to give a review on the graphics and the animation etc, so on a pure emotional and entertainment value I'll give Toy Story 9 / 10. Only reason it doesn't get full marks is because the 3D wasn't that amazing but the rest was so good I didn't really mind! 
Whose your favourite character, can you pick between Buzz and Woody? I think I'd go for Buzz but I also have a huge soft spot for Mr Potato head, hilarious! 

Pixar must be one of the best places to work as an adult! Imagine just trying to get into the mindset of children all day to produce masterpieces such as Toy Story 3! It was a great pick me up film that all ages can enjoy! Have any of you seen it? Was it what you expected? Did you like it? I for one, will be certain to by the DVD as soon as it comes out. I may use the excuse that my cousin will want to watch it so I'll buy it for him - but secretly I'll be more than happy to watch it with him!

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