Tuesday, 31 August 2010

EMMYS 2010

Was anyone else slightly disappointed with the dresses at this years Emmys? There were some stunners, as expected, but not as many as I'd hoped. Instead of doing my usual 'winners losers' style post for this event, I will just show my 'winners' as otherwise the list could look a little negative as there were way more losers in the wardrobe department, for me anyway!

I think Kelly Osbourne looked absolutely stunning at this year's event. The weight loss is so apparent now, and this Tony Ward Couture gown really shows off her new figure. Gorgeous. 

Elisabeth Moss looked lovely in this ruffled Donna Karan dress. Think the colour could be a bit more vibrant but lovely none the less. 

Lea Michele in her Oscar De La Renta dress ooozed glamour. Not sure about the pose in this picture! But she does look stunning, I love this colour and think I may need to make it a staple shade in my autumn wardrobe!

Sorry but I couldn't resist posting just one 'Loser' and that award goes to Dianna Agron.

This lace Carolina Herrera dress just didn't really do anything for her. The bow in the centre just sits there. I'm sure the lace itself is beautiful and intricate but on this dress just didn't work for me!

All photos from GRAZIA.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


So I was lucky enough to get this lovely Pandora leather bracelet for Christmas last year, just as the trend was kicking off for these kind of charm bracelets. I also received my first charm to go on it. Since I already had a charm bracelet I decided that I'd only keep this single charm on it, especially since it was a leather strap and I liked who you can see the material of it with no charms on it.

However, I have lately been finding myself looking at their collection of charms, and it's got me thinking. What I like about Pandora's selection of charms is that they have a lot of 'dangley' (if that's a word?!) ones. The first one I had is a little 'drop' charm and I really like it. 

I am now thinking, that it might be quite cute to have up to 3/4 charms on my bracelet and have decided I quite like the look of these... what do you guys thing? Which is your favourite? Do you have a Pandora bracelet? Have you filled it up? Or are you like me, and like having only one or two charms?

Pearl Drop Charm - £35

Divider Charm - £15

Flower Drop Charm - £35

Divider Charm - £23

All photos and more information from PANDORA.

Monday, 23 August 2010


Here's my little list of outfit winners and losers from V festival this weekend just gone. I wasn't lucky enough to go to the event myself, but always like to see how some of the rich and famous style themselves for festivals, when money is no object, and they wont be heartbroken if the outfit gets ruined, as they can usually just go and buy it again - or more often than not - they never paid for it in the first place, so no loss!

I am always amazed by both celebs and the 'normal' festival goers who can scrub up so well during a festival. Even if you are one of the lucky ones to stay in a caravan rather than a tent, the late hours and early starts and normally continual flow of alcohol doesn't normally paint a pretty picture, but some people seem to pull it off!

The V Best:

Billie Piper : She looks simply adorable here. Such a simple outfit but one that she wears so well and her loose hair just adds to the festival chic she's got going on here. 

Florence Welch - very rarely can this woman NOT pull off her outfit and here is no different. I love the colour of her shirt here and the bag compliments this very well! Love it all!

Gemma Arterton - love her simple outfit, but that leopard print top says enough, along with the red lipstick, Gemma looks comfy yet on trend at the same time. 

The V Worst... Ok that's a bit harsh, but just following the theme from before!

Alexa Chung - nothing wrong with this outfit, love the cardi, but just expected something a bit more exciting from Alexa, seems she's gone for the easy way out option. 

Jameela Jamil - just not sure what's going on here... what's the hat about? And not a fan of the dress!

Did any of you guys get the chance to go to the festival? Love to see your photos and your outfits. 

All photos from Vogue.

Friday, 20 August 2010

H&M iPhone APP

Have you guys downloaded this FREE app yet? It is a great little app, it has some images from their look books which are handy to give you some style inspiration in the mornings as you try and work out what to wear!

There is also a 'find a store' option so you can find your nearest store wherever you are, along with the latest news about the brand. The news section acts a bit like a blog, with short statements and pictures to tell you whats going on. 

Probably the most 'fun' part of the app is the 'My H&M' section where you can create you own wish lists. You can add items to your wish list by touching the star icon in the bottom right hand corner of the sreen when you are in the 'gallery' section of the app. You can post your wish list on facebook or twitter to show your friends what you want to buy!

This app really has been thought out and has lots of things to find, in the 'more' section you can sign up to their newsletter, what a H&M fashion video or view their style guide. Considering this is a free app it sure does have a lot of info and imagery, making it visually stimulating and inspiring but it is very slick and sophisticated, which you may not expect for this level of brand.

Go ahead and try it out for yourselves! 

All photos are screen shots from my phone as I used the app. 

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Not quite time to finish that line with 'a white Christmas', however my head has been up in the clouds lately as I'm trying to be good and not buy any clothes this month as I need a new camera which will set me back a few pounds. So far so good, I haven't bought anything, not even a cheap vest top from H&M or something which I'm often seen doing! I would also just like to flag up how hard this can be as I work in Covent Garden, I am surrounded by some of my favourite shops and sometimes need to escape the office on my lunch break and end up just 'window shopping.' It would be much easier if I worked on an industrial estate or somewhere that doesn't encourage me to part with my cash everyday!

At the moment I seem to have expensive taste and trying to not buy a lot of cheaper items, instead, save and invest in more in higher quality and more statement pieces. I think it will have to wait until end of September before I can really make my first big autumn/winter purchase, as this months pay cheque will be going on my camera (and my car insurance as my renewal quote came through last night! Why do these things always creep up on you like that!)

So for now, I can just marval at the beautifulness of the products below.

House of Harlow 'Horseshoe Necklace' £62 - My-Wardrobe.

I'm a huge fan of long necklaces and I always think horsehoes are cute so this is the perfect combination! Currently a massive fan of House of Harlow as well, some lovely stuff at the moment!

I love a good chunky knitwear item! But pretty sure if I asked nicely enough my nan would knit this for me!

Aldo's MCINERNEY boot - £85

What are your current shopping crushes?

Monday, 16 August 2010


One of the latest glamorous events in Hollywood, and here is my list of winners and losers in the outfit department...



Jessica Szohr

Even though in this photo her pose looks slightly awkward, I think this dress is amazing and she looks hot here with her loose long hair and smokey eyes. Nice. 

AnnaLynne McCord

Not a massive fan of green but this looks great on her. AnnaLynne has had some bad press lately about looking 'too thin' however here, her arms look thin but toned and her legs look great!

Dermot Mulroney

I think this man could give George Clooney a run for his money in the Hot Older Man department! 

Dianna Agron

How cute is this dress? Could maybe be slightly shorter but love the purple ribbon detail. 









And the LOSERS...


Jenn Proske

Now I don't hate this outfit, I just don't think it does that much for her and the shoes don't really work. Not hideous but could do better!

Kelly Brook

Again, not a complete nightmare of an outfit, but we all know Kelly can look better. I love the print and colours of the dress but not loving the hair do, is it me or does it look a bit flat?

Rose Byrne

I think Rose could've lost the jacket here, doesn't really do anything and the grey dress underneath could be cute if we could see it! Love the red lipstick on her though. 

Anyways, they're just my thoughts, who were your winners and losers?

All Images from Marie Claire


Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I'm sure most of you have seen this shoot or read about it in other magazines, so wanted to bring it up with all you guys. So far all I've read are professional opinions, but what do 'real' people think?

At first, like most, I was a little shocked, as with or without the recent events with BP this shoot is very powerful. Let's put those events out of our minds for a moment and just look at the shots. The models are in very striking poses and they really are very vivid. I think that if this shot had been published before the events that happened on the BP oil rig, they would have caused as much controversy and upset as they have done now.

I am very interested in photography and I am aware that many shots will please some and horrify others, but this is meant to be a 'fashion shoot' and I simply think people aren't ready, or wont ever be ready, to have such powerful, statement setting imagery in a fashion magazine.

Vogue Italia's editor in chief, France Sozzani suggests that the shoot is meant to suggest that we need to 'be careful about nature.' However I can't really recall seeing a fashion shoot that had such a strong and political message behind it. Is this the fate of fashion shoots of the future? That they will all have a 'meaning' behind them? Sure, they have themes or stories, but I'm not too keen on the idea of being 'educated' each time I go to look at upcoming trends!

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts, do you think it is all a big fuss over nothing? Or did it really offend you?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Image: www.zumba.com
So how many of you have come across 'Zumba' before? I was introduced to it by my sister - can any of you hazard a guess as to what it is? Well it's this new 'dance workout' class shin dig and I have to say it is SO much fun!

I just thought I'd share it with all you guys because I do love exercise and enjoy being fit but do find myself making excuses not to join the gym or go for 'that little jog' but this is such a great way to stay in shape. It is a dance class that mixes more 'traditional' aerobic moves with latin america 'sexy' moves. If you go with your girlfriends or family it is such a fun way to exercise.

It can be quite amusing as you try and 'shimmy' or try and do the 'roll' which the instructor makes look incredibly sexy but when I do it felt I just looked a bit like I was constipated! However, I've been going for a month now and like to think I'm edging ever nearer to the 'sexy' end of the scale in terms of my moves! 

I go for an hour class and it really goes by so quickly. The music is a mix of 'street and Rn'B' with latin and spanish inspired tunes. There's no way that you can go and not have a good time, not only because the music is so uplifting but the moves, may take a little getting used to, but in general are quite simple and if you have only a little bit of co ordination you'll be fine and can work as hard or not as hard as you like!

Click HERE to find a Zumba Class in the UK near you! If you're a US reader, click HERE to find a class in the US! Let me know if any of you have already been or you plan on going, how it went for you!

Will get back on the blogging scene later on this week, been a little ill past few days and so not really been up to it but will post more this week and will be more fashion focused rather than fitness!

P.S hello new followers, glad you could join us! Hope you enjoy what you read!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

30th TIME'S A CHARM...

So Kate Moss has broken records from being on the front cover of UK VOGUE a whopping 30 times! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Kate, sometimes I think she looks absolutely beautiful and others I really can't seem to see what everyone else does.

Sure I'm a little jealous of her amazing success, but I wouldn't really choose her as one of my personal style icons, which I'm sure will upset some of you out there. Sure she looks good, but I never think WOW I really want to look / dress like her and I do think she has got it wrong on a couple of occassions, but then the fact she HAS got it wrong a couple of times makes me like her a little more as it reminds me she IS human and doesn't have supernatural powers to make anything and everything amazing! 

Anyway, I've had a look over all the covers she has done and picked out my favourites and my not so favourites. I enjoyed this process as it did help me appreciate how much of a diverse model she is and what she has achieved which is really something quite special and should be celebrated. What are you favourite covers? Do you agree with mine? Love to find out! 

I'll start with the 'bad' stuff, i.e. my not so favs...

ISSUE: April 2010
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Willy Vanderperre

I'm not sure why I'm not a huge fan about this one, I don't know if it's the position of her arms that looks a bit odd but just not sure about it. Her face looks like she's in pain and I just don't think this shot has done her justice. 

ISSUE: March 2006
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight 

This cover doesn't reallysay 'super model' to me. I think she looks a bit too 'normal' here. Not sure if the pose is just a bit boring or the wind machine was a bit over kill just not loving this one. Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE it or anything, but, as you'll see it is no comparrison to some she has done.


ISSUE: September 2004
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight
Don't like her hair here... too airbrushed... looks odd.

ISSUE: September 2000
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight 

Think this just looks a bit tacky and her fringe looks a bit odd and really don't like the big 'flash' coming off the earring. 

ISSUE: May 2000
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Sarah Morris 

This doesn't look like her! Just not loving this one!

ISSUE: November 1997
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Tom Munro

She looks too thin here...

 And now onto the GOOD stuff!

ISSUE: January 1995
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight 

Her face is perfection here! I like the whole 'peek a boo' theme of the shot. It's a nude shot but with a different attitude. It doesn't ooze sex, more playful and realistic.

ISSUE: March 1993
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Corinne Day

This is Kate's first VOGUE cover - here you can really see why she got scouted! Her head is a perfect shape and her neck is long enough without being giraffe like and her eyes just pierce right through. Beautiful. 

ISSUE: December 2008
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

Not sure why I like this, I think I like how you kind of have to give it a second look before you realise who it is! I also like how even though she doesn't take up much of the page she still makes the page and it is she what you want to look at. 

ISSUE: April 2007
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

Here Kate is practically wearing a bin liner and STILL looks amazing - that must be model material!

ISSUE: September 2006
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

Working the trouser suit here BIG time! 

ISSUE: December 2000
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

So simple but brilliantly elegant, I'd love to have my photo taken like this! 
Well there you go, I could've gone through all 30 but thought this post was long enough as it is! Hope you like!

All Photos from Vogue.co.uk

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Image: Google
So if you've been a regular viewer of my blog then you'll know I'm partial to the odd review and I like to share my experiences with you guys. Now, I like to voice my opinion but usually just do this as I like a bit of a moan, or if I've been impressed with a service or product I like to share with 'the world' so that others can enjoy it if they wish!

Twitter and Blogging are proving to be a great combination as Brand PRs are now pulling down the walls that guard the brand so that if a blogger features that brand they can 'tag' them in their twitter update to try and get their attention. This is exactly what I did with my Spa Review post a few weeks back. 

I found the Spa I went to on Twitter, and once I posted my blog review, I mentioned them in my status update, not really expecting anything of it. However, the other day, one of their marketing team left a comment on my blog responding to the points I had made in my review.

This is what they wrote:

Hi Annie

Thank you so much for all your constructive comments and really pleased you enjoyed your spa visit.
You’ll be happy to know that the triple room you stayed in (98) is actually booked out for re-papering, new furniture and bathroom improvements in August this year!
I have put a note on your profile to ensure that there are plenty of small robes available for you on your next visit.

Many thanks once again

Internet Marketing Manager

Now I know that is this unlikely to happen on every review you do, but it is a little re assuring to know that some brands are making a conscious effort to review those blogs that mention their company.  I realise that my review was actually quite pleasant and I didn't really have any negative comments and so they may have been more inclined to respond to it, however, it does still amaze me at how social media can have such a big impact. 

Much like the recent controversy over the new MAC 'Ciudad Juarez' make up range, many bloggers took to their web pages to highlight their concerns over the connotations behind the inspiration of this range and demanded that all profits were donated to the women of the city to help them continue to work. It was a whirlwind episode but one that saw MAC cosmetics quickly change their approach much to the joy of bloggers around the world. 

So, I guess what I'm saying is, don't be afraid to voice your opinion, you never know who may listen!
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