Tuesday, 3 August 2010

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So if you've been a regular viewer of my blog then you'll know I'm partial to the odd review and I like to share my experiences with you guys. Now, I like to voice my opinion but usually just do this as I like a bit of a moan, or if I've been impressed with a service or product I like to share with 'the world' so that others can enjoy it if they wish!

Twitter and Blogging are proving to be a great combination as Brand PRs are now pulling down the walls that guard the brand so that if a blogger features that brand they can 'tag' them in their twitter update to try and get their attention. This is exactly what I did with my Spa Review post a few weeks back. 

I found the Spa I went to on Twitter, and once I posted my blog review, I mentioned them in my status update, not really expecting anything of it. However, the other day, one of their marketing team left a comment on my blog responding to the points I had made in my review.

This is what they wrote:

Hi Annie

Thank you so much for all your constructive comments and really pleased you enjoyed your spa visit.
You’ll be happy to know that the triple room you stayed in (98) is actually booked out for re-papering, new furniture and bathroom improvements in August this year!
I have put a note on your profile to ensure that there are plenty of small robes available for you on your next visit.

Many thanks once again

Internet Marketing Manager

Now I know that is this unlikely to happen on every review you do, but it is a little re assuring to know that some brands are making a conscious effort to review those blogs that mention their company.  I realise that my review was actually quite pleasant and I didn't really have any negative comments and so they may have been more inclined to respond to it, however, it does still amaze me at how social media can have such a big impact. 

Much like the recent controversy over the new MAC 'Ciudad Juarez' make up range, many bloggers took to their web pages to highlight their concerns over the connotations behind the inspiration of this range and demanded that all profits were donated to the women of the city to help them continue to work. It was a whirlwind episode but one that saw MAC cosmetics quickly change their approach much to the joy of bloggers around the world. 

So, I guess what I'm saying is, don't be afraid to voice your opinion, you never know who may listen!


LondonGirl said...

Brands are really taking notice. I've had quite a few contact me off my blog, and when I had a negative experience at a Lush press event a representative contacted me to say thank you for being honest and they've learnt from their mistakes.

In this day and age traditional marketing isn't nearly as effective, so brands are taking notice of the influencers... i.e. us! xx


Copley said...

Not to mention that brands (or often the agencies hired by brands) are ploughing huge amounts of time and resource into actually hunting for the negative/positive reviews using blog searching tools, buzz monitoring tools etc.

ryan said...

Thanks for sharing that, I am new to blogging and love finding out things like this.

家唐銘 said...

No pains, no gains..................................................................

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