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30th TIME'S A CHARM...

So Kate Moss has broken records from being on the front cover of UK VOGUE a whopping 30 times! I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Kate, sometimes I think she looks absolutely beautiful and others I really can't seem to see what everyone else does.

Sure I'm a little jealous of her amazing success, but I wouldn't really choose her as one of my personal style icons, which I'm sure will upset some of you out there. Sure she looks good, but I never think WOW I really want to look / dress like her and I do think she has got it wrong on a couple of occassions, but then the fact she HAS got it wrong a couple of times makes me like her a little more as it reminds me she IS human and doesn't have supernatural powers to make anything and everything amazing! 

Anyway, I've had a look over all the covers she has done and picked out my favourites and my not so favourites. I enjoyed this process as it did help me appreciate how much of a diverse model she is and what she has achieved which is really something quite special and should be celebrated. What are you favourite covers? Do you agree with mine? Love to find out! 

I'll start with the 'bad' stuff, i.e. my not so favs...

ISSUE: April 2010
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Willy Vanderperre

I'm not sure why I'm not a huge fan about this one, I don't know if it's the position of her arms that looks a bit odd but just not sure about it. Her face looks like she's in pain and I just don't think this shot has done her justice. 

ISSUE: March 2006
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight 

This cover doesn't reallysay 'super model' to me. I think she looks a bit too 'normal' here. Not sure if the pose is just a bit boring or the wind machine was a bit over kill just not loving this one. Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE it or anything, but, as you'll see it is no comparrison to some she has done.


ISSUE: September 2004
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight
Don't like her hair here... too airbrushed... looks odd.

ISSUE: September 2000
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight 

Think this just looks a bit tacky and her fringe looks a bit odd and really don't like the big 'flash' coming off the earring. 

ISSUE: May 2000
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Sarah Morris 

This doesn't look like her! Just not loving this one!

ISSUE: November 1997
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Tom Munro

She looks too thin here...

 And now onto the GOOD stuff!

ISSUE: January 1995
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight 

Her face is perfection here! I like the whole 'peek a boo' theme of the shot. It's a nude shot but with a different attitude. It doesn't ooze sex, more playful and realistic.

ISSUE: March 1993
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Corinne Day

This is Kate's first VOGUE cover - here you can really see why she got scouted! Her head is a perfect shape and her neck is long enough without being giraffe like and her eyes just pierce right through. Beautiful. 

ISSUE: December 2008
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

Not sure why I like this, I think I like how you kind of have to give it a second look before you realise who it is! I also like how even though she doesn't take up much of the page she still makes the page and it is she what you want to look at. 

ISSUE: April 2007
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

Here Kate is practically wearing a bin liner and STILL looks amazing - that must be model material!

ISSUE: September 2006
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

Working the trouser suit here BIG time! 

ISSUE: December 2000
EDITOR: Alexandra Shulman
COVER: Nick Knight

So simple but brilliantly elegant, I'd love to have my photo taken like this! 
Well there you go, I could've gone through all 30 but thought this post was long enough as it is! Hope you like!

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hiven said...


..R May A.. said...

I actually agree with everthing you said :)
I LOVE the very last one!
It's so stunning x

Denise said...

we have the same feeling s for kate. But got to admit, she's something.

Abi said...

My favourite is December 2008!
Loved the whole fold out spread then all the editorials in that issue!

I am Abimarvel.

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