Wednesday, 25 August 2010


So I was lucky enough to get this lovely Pandora leather bracelet for Christmas last year, just as the trend was kicking off for these kind of charm bracelets. I also received my first charm to go on it. Since I already had a charm bracelet I decided that I'd only keep this single charm on it, especially since it was a leather strap and I liked who you can see the material of it with no charms on it.

However, I have lately been finding myself looking at their collection of charms, and it's got me thinking. What I like about Pandora's selection of charms is that they have a lot of 'dangley' (if that's a word?!) ones. The first one I had is a little 'drop' charm and I really like it. 

I am now thinking, that it might be quite cute to have up to 3/4 charms on my bracelet and have decided I quite like the look of these... what do you guys thing? Which is your favourite? Do you have a Pandora bracelet? Have you filled it up? Or are you like me, and like having only one or two charms?

Pearl Drop Charm - £35

Divider Charm - £15

Flower Drop Charm - £35

Divider Charm - £23

All photos and more information from PANDORA.

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