Tuesday, 31 August 2010

EMMYS 2010

Was anyone else slightly disappointed with the dresses at this years Emmys? There were some stunners, as expected, but not as many as I'd hoped. Instead of doing my usual 'winners losers' style post for this event, I will just show my 'winners' as otherwise the list could look a little negative as there were way more losers in the wardrobe department, for me anyway!

I think Kelly Osbourne looked absolutely stunning at this year's event. The weight loss is so apparent now, and this Tony Ward Couture gown really shows off her new figure. Gorgeous. 

Elisabeth Moss looked lovely in this ruffled Donna Karan dress. Think the colour could be a bit more vibrant but lovely none the less. 

Lea Michele in her Oscar De La Renta dress ooozed glamour. Not sure about the pose in this picture! But she does look stunning, I love this colour and think I may need to make it a staple shade in my autumn wardrobe!

Sorry but I couldn't resist posting just one 'Loser' and that award goes to Dianna Agron.

This lace Carolina Herrera dress just didn't really do anything for her. The bow in the centre just sits there. I'm sure the lace itself is beautiful and intricate but on this dress just didn't work for me!

All photos from GRAZIA.

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