Friday, 20 August 2010

H&M iPhone APP

Have you guys downloaded this FREE app yet? It is a great little app, it has some images from their look books which are handy to give you some style inspiration in the mornings as you try and work out what to wear!

There is also a 'find a store' option so you can find your nearest store wherever you are, along with the latest news about the brand. The news section acts a bit like a blog, with short statements and pictures to tell you whats going on. 

Probably the most 'fun' part of the app is the 'My H&M' section where you can create you own wish lists. You can add items to your wish list by touching the star icon in the bottom right hand corner of the sreen when you are in the 'gallery' section of the app. You can post your wish list on facebook or twitter to show your friends what you want to buy!

This app really has been thought out and has lots of things to find, in the 'more' section you can sign up to their newsletter, what a H&M fashion video or view their style guide. Considering this is a free app it sure does have a lot of info and imagery, making it visually stimulating and inspiring but it is very slick and sophisticated, which you may not expect for this level of brand.

Go ahead and try it out for yourselves! 

All photos are screen shots from my phone as I used the app. 

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