Monday, 23 August 2010


Here's my little list of outfit winners and losers from V festival this weekend just gone. I wasn't lucky enough to go to the event myself, but always like to see how some of the rich and famous style themselves for festivals, when money is no object, and they wont be heartbroken if the outfit gets ruined, as they can usually just go and buy it again - or more often than not - they never paid for it in the first place, so no loss!

I am always amazed by both celebs and the 'normal' festival goers who can scrub up so well during a festival. Even if you are one of the lucky ones to stay in a caravan rather than a tent, the late hours and early starts and normally continual flow of alcohol doesn't normally paint a pretty picture, but some people seem to pull it off!

The V Best:

Billie Piper : She looks simply adorable here. Such a simple outfit but one that she wears so well and her loose hair just adds to the festival chic she's got going on here. 

Florence Welch - very rarely can this woman NOT pull off her outfit and here is no different. I love the colour of her shirt here and the bag compliments this very well! Love it all!

Gemma Arterton - love her simple outfit, but that leopard print top says enough, along with the red lipstick, Gemma looks comfy yet on trend at the same time. 

The V Worst... Ok that's a bit harsh, but just following the theme from before!

Alexa Chung - nothing wrong with this outfit, love the cardi, but just expected something a bit more exciting from Alexa, seems she's gone for the easy way out option. 

Jameela Jamil - just not sure what's going on here... what's the hat about? And not a fan of the dress!

Did any of you guys get the chance to go to the festival? Love to see your photos and your outfits. 

All photos from Vogue.


Tor said...

I love this post! Jameela actually spoke to me about that hat when I interviewed her on my blog :) xx

Jen said...

i LOVE the blouse Florence is sporting in that photo.. Topshop have a really similar one in, if not the same one. shes amazing!
nice blog :)

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