Tuesday, 10 August 2010

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So how many of you have come across 'Zumba' before? I was introduced to it by my sister - can any of you hazard a guess as to what it is? Well it's this new 'dance workout' class shin dig and I have to say it is SO much fun!

I just thought I'd share it with all you guys because I do love exercise and enjoy being fit but do find myself making excuses not to join the gym or go for 'that little jog' but this is such a great way to stay in shape. It is a dance class that mixes more 'traditional' aerobic moves with latin america 'sexy' moves. If you go with your girlfriends or family it is such a fun way to exercise.

It can be quite amusing as you try and 'shimmy' or try and do the 'roll' which the instructor makes look incredibly sexy but when I do it felt I just looked a bit like I was constipated! However, I've been going for a month now and like to think I'm edging ever nearer to the 'sexy' end of the scale in terms of my moves! 

I go for an hour class and it really goes by so quickly. The music is a mix of 'street and Rn'B' with latin and spanish inspired tunes. There's no way that you can go and not have a good time, not only because the music is so uplifting but the moves, may take a little getting used to, but in general are quite simple and if you have only a little bit of co ordination you'll be fine and can work as hard or not as hard as you like!

Click HERE to find a Zumba Class in the UK near you! If you're a US reader, click HERE to find a class in the US! Let me know if any of you have already been or you plan on going, how it went for you!

Will get back on the blogging scene later on this week, been a little ill past few days and so not really been up to it but will post more this week and will be more fashion focused rather than fitness!

P.S hello new followers, glad you could join us! Hope you enjoy what you read!

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