Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I was reading the latest issue of 'Stylist' this week and noticed that Erin O Connor is to launch a new fashion line, showcasing it at LFW this autumn. Erin is one of my favourite models out there. I think she has an amazing face and even though she is very slim, has always backed 'healthier' models and runs her own agency which specialises and prides itself in the care of their models. Giving them information about how to maintain the figure required without starving themselves.

So, when I read that she was to launch a new collection, I got a little excited. However, as I read on I was a little disappointed. It appears that Erin will be launching a range of T-Shirts and canvas bags, that just have 'slogans' printed on them. All of which fashion related, but still. There doesn't seem to be much imagination behind this collection and to host a whole catwalk show with just 5 T-shirts and 2 bags, there isn't really that much to get excited about. 

I only hope that this is just a stepping stone into the fashion line world, and that one day down the road the brand; 'She Died of Beauty' will grow and get more adventerous, showcasing more than basic T-Shirts and Canvas bags. 

The price points for these items are as you'd expect quite high. £40 for the T-shirts and £20 for the canvas bags. Now, considering you can get these types of bags free from most retailers, or sometimes when you're spending over £50, can't say I'll be rushing out to fork out £20 for them on their own.

However, even though I've been quite negative about this whole thing, that is mainly just my taste, (I'm not really a fan of slogan Tees) I imagine this collection will be a big hit and it wouldn't surprise me if the likes of Alexa Chung were snapped during LFW wearing any of these items. 

Slogan T-Shirt campaigns prove to be very successful with consumers, and so long as you get the 'cool kids' snapped in them first, you can pretty much garauntee that Primark will be making their own versions in no time! Just look at the I heart NY t-shirts, for years these were just cheap tourist gifts sold for $10 a time. Then all of a sudden you could buy them from the likes of Urban Outfitters for up to £28! There was also huge success with the florescent coloured 'born in the 80s' t-shirts (can't remember the actual designer who produced these) but again, stores like New Look were quick to create their own versions.

My 'expert' opinion is that this line will have the same effect. You'll see Erin's version on the catwalk and in the glossys, then soon enough, similar phrases will be popping up on clothes in a whole range of this space!!

Apologies for size of image, but couldn't find any others so took a screen grab from Stylist's website! The new bag range from Erin O Connor - £20.

Image from Stylist Magazine.
For the 'She Died of Beauty website' click here.

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