Monday, 6 September 2010


Last week I was contacted by a company called 'Men Are Useless' - now, with a name like that you're bound to sit up and listen, but what they had to say was actually quite interesting and amusing! Firstly, who are 'Men Are Useless?' In a nut shell, they are an online shopping and delivery service. However, their USP is that they deliver male grooming products. Now, why is it that they only delivery male grooming products? The team behind Men Are Useless have done intensive research which highlighted Men's inability to shop for their own toiletries.

Out of those who they interviewed, 38% admitted to stealing their partners / housemate's shampoo, and the saddest story of them all is that 7% said that they had resorted to using washing up liquid due to a lack of shower gel.

I for one, can guarantee that toiletries are not at the top of many men's shopping list. Having lived with 3 boys in my second year at Uni, and now frequent visits from my boyfriend, I am pretty sure that on more than one occasion, one of them has pinched some of my shower gel or shampoo. The idea behind MAU is that they offer a home delivery service for all these essential items with minimum effort.

Even the packaging has been designed so that it fits through your letterbox so there is no need to make sure someone is at home to pick it up and you wont ever receive one of those irritating 'you weren't in' notes left by the postman meaning you now have to drive miles to the depot to pick it up.

I think that once the males of the world have swallowed the fact that they've been caught out in the act and actually admit that a company called 'men are useless' are offering a way out, this could be a very successful scheme. The idea has a very tongue in cheek vibe to it, but all the script that comes with the brand isn't attaching men, simply telling a few home truths. I can imagine that a few wives, girlfriends will be signing their other halves up for the service just to make sure that their £20 shampoo isn't 'wasted' on their partners! To find out more go to .

What do you guys think? Would you sign up to a service like this, or sign up your partner for it?

Here is the pack that the Men Are Useless team sent though, got all your essentials as well as some tasty treats! This is an example of one of the packages that they offer.

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