Friday, 17 September 2010


Catwalk Genius is a new platform which is helping young, emerging designers get their products exposed and off the ground. It is a great initiative that I wanted to share with you to help gain more support for the designers, and encourage budding designers out there to join the site to help get some exposure.

In short, how catwalk genius works, is that designers sign up to the site to try and get public interest. The designer states how much money they need to fund a new or existing collection. Once the target is set, the public can buy 'shares' in the designer / brand to try and get it off the ground. Once the target has been met, the designer then goes away and produces the collection.

On return, the collection is put up for sale on the site. Of which, the public who put in shares can receive a return through the product sales, as well as other perks that the designer may choose to introduce.

Their latest success story is Katie Eary. Katie is the first womenswear collection that has reached it's set target and is now successfully trading from the Catwalk Genius site. The funds generated from the share investments allowed Katie to go ahead with the production of her collection and host a photo shoot to promote it. 

The reason this system works is because it offers a whole wide range of people the chance to get support and to support others. By offering the public the chance to invest small amounts into brands means no huge financial commitments are needed and financial risk is much lower.

To find out more about this scheme for both designers and potential investors just go to the CATWALK GENIUS site. But for now I will leave you with some imagery of Katite Eary's collection which is now available to buy.

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