Sunday, 19 September 2010


You've read about it in the papers, you've heard about it on the radio... Lily Allen has launched a new vintage store in Covent Garden, in partnership with her sister.

I am big fan of Lily, I love what she represents and how she speaks her mind and I am a fan of vintage although I must admit I don't really wear too much vintage, I tend to play it safe buying handbags and shoes, but really admire those who can pull off the outfits which I think on me would just look like I'm wearing a 1960s rug. So, I was excited to see what her store would offer, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, I didn't realise how BIG the store would be, and it hadn't at all clicked that the empty store I walk past everyday I'm at work was the one being transformed into the Lucy In Disguise store. It is so spacious and really acts much more like a designer boutique than a 'vintage / thrift' store.

The items on offer are limited and therefore there is not the high level of rummaging needed that is usually involved with vintage shopping. Everything is out on display and easy to see. Some of the items are very in your face, but then there were some stunning coats which didn't frighten off those vintage virgins like myself, including one stunning YSL cream coat which was so on trend for this season it was quite scary!

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take any decent photos as whilst I was in there, a film crew were as well and so I wasn't sure if I'd get 'told off' for doing so but I did manage to sneak this cheeky one in of the accessories display! But I would say if you get a chance to head on down there as it is just a lovely store, whether you're into vintage or not. Sure, some of the items have pretty hefty price tags but I think we all know that second hand no longer means cheap!

Also do check out the website which is quite fun!

Lily & Her sister Sarah on launch night - photo


Elizabeth @rosalilium said...

What were the prices like? There appears to be some lovely stuff there. I might check it out when I pop down to London.

Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your comment, prices really did vary. Some items were under £100 but the coats and bigger items were nearer the £500 price tag. So would say it is more geared to your pro vintage shopper, but the pieces are really quite special so worth just a browse if the prices are a bit above your budget!

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