Thursday, 2 September 2010


So did any of you guys go to SW4? I went with my girls from Uni and had a great time. Managed to only get rained on a tiny bit and saw everyone we wanted to see! My outfit wasn't too exciting as I had to be kinda practical. It really wasn't very warm, very strong possibilities that it would POUR down, yet we wanted to go out after the festival so couldn't wear wellies! In the end I opted for Topshop brown shorts, tights and Office boots, which I got in the sale and you can see in an earlier post here, boob tube with lace panels from MANGO and knitted baggy jumper from topshop. I wore layers that I could take off and wore nice(ish) boots that were practical but didn't feel too clumpy to wear to a bar after!

Anyways here are some pics from the day to share with you! If you went, let me know who was your favourite! My highlights were, Zane Lowe, Kissy Sellout, Andy C and Fatboy Slim.

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