Monday, 13 September 2010


Like many of you out there, I was eagerly anticipating the unveiling of VB's new collection. When she showcased her first collection I really didn't want to like it. I get increasingly bored of celebrities starting their own fashion line. It seems to be so 'easy' now a days for people to do this and the list is ever growing; Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, 50 Cent, and newer to the list is Beyoncé. However, I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised by the products and thought it a comical twist how she had a couple of models that resembled herself to model the collection. This showed she has a human side to the 'posh' and hard facade that she has had in place since her 'girl power days.'

The reason I tend to stray away from celebrity fashion collections is that I have several fashion designer friends and know how hard it is for new, upcoming talent to get exposed. I get irritated when celebrities who made their name for singing / acting etc are, all of a sudden 'fashion designers.' They make it look so easy when there really is a lot of time and effort required in getting a brand exposed to become successful.

Victoria Beckham stands out in her own right. The 'Beckhams' are a powerful brand and she sure has put the media spell she has on UK and US press to her advantage. She has generated her own power house. And a very stylish powerhouse at that.

I have a new found respect for VB, she has graduated from the WAG university with first class honours, distancing herself from the orange skinned, fake eye-lashed clad of the footballers wives. She seems to have put her neck on the line to prove to everyone that her interest in fashion goes way beyond choosing the right stylist and making sure you wear the biggest diamonds.

What I really like about VB's collection is the structure and texture involved. Most of her garments have strong structural detailing and this way of thinking has ensured that the shapes of the products are what help show of the feminine figure. VB has also selected some exceptional fabrics. Obviously, I've not been lucky enough to get up close and personal to the products, but you can tell by how they photograph that the fabrics are gorgeous  and I like how she has experimented with texture. using 'glossy' fabrics for some of her items. 

Her shows also seem very down to earth - it is all about the clothes. Sure, she chose a beautiful location, a town house on the 'Upper East side' but this suited the show down to a tea. It made the items looks more real, and you could start to visualise them on 'real people.' 

There was a bit of a media buzz around the collection before it was unveiled as VB stated that she was going to use 'healthier' models. Now, her models weren't exactly plus size, but they didn't seem to look as skeletal as others. Sure there are big question marks over how much VB actually 'designs' but I'd like to think she does oversee a lot of what goes on in her brand. You can see she likes to design items that she would wear, and if she didn't do all of the initial sketches for the products, then I'll let her off. I love it!

So, now to the good stuff... here are the images of my favourite items from her new collection! Let me know what you guys think, would you buy any of her items? Do you care that she was in a girl band before she became a 'designer?' Be good to hear your thoughts!

Left - love the shape of this dress. Feminine, yet there is a slight hint of power dressing!

Right - This is what I meant about using new fabrics and different textures. Great shape as well. 

Left - This shape is gorgeous. Oozes elegance and the fabric drapes so well. 

Right - This fabric is amazing, maybe a bit too red carpet esq for most wardrobes but great none the less!

So there you have it Victoria Beckham's latest collection for you...what you reckon??

All photos from 'The Guardian'.

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