Friday, 10 September 2010


It's getting that time of year when we need to update our wardrobes and add in some new additions to try brighten up our winter looks. I am quite a fan of the winter wardrobe as I love knitwear and scarves. I think there are some key items that everyone should have in their winter wardrobe, may seem obvious to you but I love a good thick, chunky knit cardigan. I'm not a huge fan of winter coats, instead I like to layer up and then wear a big cardi on top. Last year I bought a great Azrec patterned one from Uniqlo, which I am sure will be worn a lot again this year. 

A nice cosey scarf is a must for me! I have a thing for scarves, but tend to go for the cheaper ones as I find wool iritates my neck quite a lot and so go for more high street brands that use more synthetic fibres. Last year a good friend of mine bought me a 'looped' scarf from Topshop for my birthday which I still love as it is so soft! Pretty sure I will be seen wearing it again this time round! 

Finally, you need a good pair of boots! I hate having cold or damp feet and so I try and buy at least one pair of 'sensible' shoes. Luckily I found a great pair of little victorian style boots in the summer sales which I'll wear for this winter. However, I should probably invest in a slightly more robust pair if we're going to have snow like we did last year!

Anyways, here are some products I've got my eyes on, probably could afford to buy one item off this list this month! Otherwise will have to wait until next pay cheque!

Yuki Beige Preppy Unbalanced Shirt - £59 You can view this item HERE.

How comfy does this look!! I think this would work well for winter as can go with nothing underneath, but for when it gets really cold could work well with long sleeve t shirt underneath with the sleeves poking out the bottom. 

Knitted Fluffy Rib Jumper - £38. You can view this item HERE.

I bought a similar item to this last year and love it. It is so comfy and keeps you warm and looks good to wear to work and to dinner/drinks afterwards! £38 isn't bank breaking either which helps!

Sparkle & Fade Leopard Chiffon Zip Skirt - £42. You can view this item HERE. 
I saw this item in store the other day. I do really like it, I like the colour is a bit different to what I'd usually wear. Think would be good for me to wear to work with thick black tights and a simple tee on top. Thought the £42 was a little steep so may wait see if I find anything else, or may just go back and buy it next week! 

Line Tights By Jonathan Aston - £12. You can view this item HERE

I love these tights. I don't normally wear 'jazzy tights' as I don't think I can pull them off, but I think I might just be able to get away with these on a night out. Would just wear simple black dress or skirt and top so all the focus was just on my legs! ;)

What's on your current wish list? Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the weekend!


Adele said...

How cool are those tights!! And I love that jumper!!

Adele –

Lara - Elain said...

The zip skirt looks amazing! You should buy it ;)

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