Tuesday, 14 September 2010


If you are feeling bold and beautiful on Thursday, then why not head on down to Joy's new store opening in Soho...only there is one minor catch... you have to go in your UNDERWEAR! Joy are offering to give the first 25 people who walk through their doors in just their underwear, a new outfit! 

I think this is a great idea, it has such a huge PR potential and I'm sure, in Soho of all places, you will find people brave, and maybe slightly crazy enough, to go ahead with this! But make sure you are there early as if you're not in the fist 25, then you're likely to feel slightly embarrassed, and cold!

I saw this on their website and thought would share it with you guys to see if anyone would be brave enough to do it, or if you're working in the Soho area, be warned that there may be a few more half naked people than usual!

Unfortunately I wont be able to attend the event as I will be tied to my desk at work, but if anyone does go do let me know, whether it's just to see the new store or if you're going to try and get one of those free outfits! Good luck!

To find out more info go to Joy's website, or click here.

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