Thursday, 28 October 2010


So, way back in March I blogged about Fred Perry's latest collaboration with Amy Winehouse. You can read all about it here. I spoke about how I'm not usually one to get excited about celebrity fashion collaborations as they usually don't amaze me and I can't be bothered to queue for hours outside the store in the cold to get my hands on an item!

However, Fred Perry is one of my favourite brands, not just for the products, but I love the heritage behind the brand and even though Winehouse is a famous fan of the brand, I do think this collaboration is something a bit different.

There hasn't been a major hype around this launch, it seems slightly more natural and less manufactured (if that's possible) than a lot of other collaborations we see. The products speak for themselves, they stay true to the brand and what they usually offer, but have a slight twist to them, giving them a slightly edgier, sexier look and feel.

Modeled by, none other than Amy herself the collection looks great and I love the colour palette they have used. Sure the photos may be a little airbrushed but I love the expressions on Amy's face, it gives off a sense of calm and relaxation that isn't normally associated with her!

My favourite pieces are the pencil skirt and the trench coat. The items prices haven't been exaggerated because of the Winehouse association and have stayed true to the normal Fred Perry pricing strategy which I think is a good move, especially in the current financial climate. 

The skirt is going for a cool £80, with the coat at £275 and knitwear starting at £70. Agreed, it's not cheap, but Fred Perry never was. And I remember seeing a coat last winter in store that I adored but was £250 and couldn't quite stretch that far so these prices seem to be staying round the same price points.

What do you guys think? I may be slightly biased as I was a fan of both Winehouse and Fred Perry before they joined forces and so this was a bit of win win situation for me, but I really do think the garments are lovely and I will be hunting them down to see them in the flesh. You can view the entire collection here

 Images from Fred Perry UK site.

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