Thursday, 14 October 2010


Ok, so I may a bit late on the uptake here, I've been in a bit of a work bubble and only just saw this on Grazia Daily. But, HELLO, Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier! I love the images of Beth, and it is so refreshing to see someone having fun on the catwalk and, god forbid, smiling!! 

Sure there are levels of criticism around her appearance and some people are saying that it lets the whole collection down etc, but I really admire both parties for doing this. Yea, it probably gained JPG an extra bit of press coverage of his show but after looking at rows after rows of painfully thin, bored looking models it was nice to see a catwalk image come to life. 

I agree that this outfit was probably a little too close to the risqué end of the spectrum, but it's pretty obvious Beth doesn't give a dam. Comments to the Grazia post state that she still isn't truly representing a 'healthy body' as she is overweight, which I guess is true. However I think there is a clear message here which is to be comfortable in your own skin. We don't know the ins and outs of Beth's eating regime, she's not going down the catwalk stating everyone should look like her, but she is showing she's happy and isn't afraid to show herself off in a very size 0 favored world.

Images by Catwalking via Grazia Daily.

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