Monday, 4 October 2010


Cheryl Cole has been a busy bee this week, launching both a book and a new ring in association with de Grisogon. Before I saw the ring I had expectations that it would be big and made up of either one precious stone / gem, or be made up of a collection of lots of small chippings. Basically I thought it would SPARKLE and say, 'hey look at me, how beautiful am I!' 

Well, I was wrong. My initial thoughts are far from the real thing. Sure, Cheryl lived up to my expectations for the launch night, wearing a customed designed dress which had sparkle and looked absolutely gorgeous... the ring however, did not.

It is a thick band ring with the word 'promise' inscribed on it. Do I hear 'cheesy?' Where's the glamour, where's the 'wow' factor?? (or should I say 'x'?!) From a distance this ring looks like one of the ones you can buy off the guy on the beach on holiday! I really was disappointed with it. And not only is the word itself cheesy and naff, the 'o' in the word is spelt with a heart rather than an actual letter. All the good stuff is on the inside! The ring is set on a solid gold band so that you can just see a glimpse of it through the letter cut outs for the word promise. 

I'm not sure how much this ring will retail at but I know it will be out of my budget and probably most peoples', I got that impression from their website anyway! I think that is why I wanted to see something but more striking and definitely not have any messaging on it! On the night Cheryl decided to wear it on her little finger, which I think just looked out of place, and if she can't make it look good, then I've got no hope! What do you guys think? Even if you had a million pounds in the bank would you buy it? I don't think I would as pretty sure I'd never wear it!

Cheryl looking as lovely as ever in her Elie Saab dress. 

Same can't be said for the ring!

Photos from The Daily Mail Online

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daisychain said...

yeah, I'd have had higher hopes for this, too

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

I had higher hopes too, not really impressed.


pixelhazard said...

thumbs down on the ring

Bright Green Laces

Sarah said...

I have to agree with you, that ring is pretty meh.

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