Monday, 20 December 2010


WARNING: Rant ahead.

So, it's that time of year again when perfume Ads flood our TV screens...I've never really been a fan of TV perfume ads. I think they're more suited to print, especially when they include the sample of the scent which is always what is going to sell a perfume rather than a 30 second motion ad.

However, lately I have really noticed the sexual content of perfume ads, and I know supposedly sex sells, and there are significant levels of sexual connotations with perfume, however some ads are now borderline soft porn and I don't think it needs to be made that obvious to people.

When your in the living room with your family watching a Christmas film on TV, I don't wish to see half naked women prancing around and a 'hunky' man appearing in the shadows. It's just all got a bit too much for me and actually puts me off the brand. I think perfume is more about confidence for women, sure it can make you feel more attractive but it doesn't turn us into dominatrices. It has become more of a part of our daily routine, and to some, just as you brush your teeth in the morning, you splash on some perfume, it is not always such a 'luxury' to put on perfume, or something that is saved for a special occasion, but what we do everyday.

I've listed some of what I think are the main offenders for these types of adverts. But tell me, am I just getting old and grumpy or do any of you find them slightly OTT and inappropriate? Perfume is no doubt, one of the main presents given at Christmas time so I understand that competition is at its highest this time of year, but is this really the way to sell it to a much more savy audience who are growing out of the traditional advertising gimmicks and want something a bit more than a sexy promise? Maybe perfume adverts need to start broadening their horizons...

This is a much less offensive ad... sure it's pretty cheesy, borderline naff, but at least I don't get embarrassed when it comes on the TV in-between watching 'I'm a Celeb' with my nan!

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Madonna teaches a class at the opening of Hard Candy Fitness (Pic:Getty)
Image: Getty via

So it seems Madonna is still trying to take over the world, and this time she has turned her focus to the leisure and exercise industry, by opening a gym in Mexico City...

Seems all a bit random to me to be honest, and had yet another massive PR bubble around it. The Gym is called 'Hard Candy' which I have issues with anyway, as it sounds more like a soft porn store or adult video shop! The location is also a bit random in my eyes, in one interview Madonna's response for choosing Mexico was that she 'loved the culture, food and the art' and has been there several times to do research. Clearly sound reasons for opening a gym there!

Supposedly Madonna helped design all the interiors, as well as the fitness programme that the gym offers. That doesn't really impress me too much, and wouldn't really make me want to go to an exercise class that Madonna may have 'designed' herself. Would you guys be excited to go to an exercise class thinking that Madonna may have added in 10 extra press ups to make sure you were pushed to your limit??

I'm not sure how successful this latest edition to the Madonna empire will be, if it had opened in a city near you would you have noticed or paid much attention to it? I would've thought that one of the main reasons Madonna chose Mexico City was that there isn't an influx of gyms there already. Opening this in New York or London would probably have had much less effect as there are so many already established. But hey I'm no expert, my general overview is that is seems like quite a random move by Madonna and her people, but I'm sure she's making money out of it somewhere along the line!

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