Monday, 12 September 2011


If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you may remember my post titled: There were 111 plastic bottles sitting on the wall which I posted about a year ago...this was about an event at The Conran Shop that I attended which was to showcase a new chair which had been made purely out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles. 

Now, one year one, Coca-Cola have done the same thing, but this time, an Umbrella is the outcome. Coca-Cola teamed up with Wayne Hemingway to design an eco-friendly umbrella, which is made up of 5 bottles. 

The Umbrella will be available for a limited time at Harvey Nichols stores from today. What do you guys think? Clever no?!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


I've started writing for Style Sequel, who are an online fashion boutique, specialising in second hand designer items. Here is the link to my first post, and more are to follow. Keep you eye out, they have some great pieces for sale and I'd love to hear any feedback on my posts!

Longer update soon!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi guys ... here's the link to my article on the beautifully me to site... more guest posts to follow from other publications and even some more on here, my home turf, when I've sorted my self out a bit! 

In the mean time, my best friend has also just started a blog if you fancy a look at that as well! 

Monday, 15 August 2011


Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted on here, I've been busy starting a new job - which I'm enjoying! - and have been trying to get my freelance writing back on a roll again. I am currently working on a couple of pieces for Radia Magazine, as well as a new blog feature for an online store - which I will update you on in due course. In the meantime though, I did a guest post for the blog Beautifully Me. Would appreciate it if you had a look over it and shared any thoughts you have.

Beautifully me is a new blog started up to help generate a positive outlook in fashion for all body shapes and sizes and are pulling together a community to let people share their thoughts and opinions on some of the more controversial issues in the fashion industry.

To read my post click here, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


This family must have great genetics. I'm not really a Kate Moss fan as I think she isn't as striking as some other supermodels out there, however if you haven't already seen the photos of her younger sister then remember this face now as I'm sure in a few years time she will be all over your glossy magazines.

At the moment she's only 13 years old, so you can imagine that after a couple years of grooming from her older sister, and access to what some may consider the best wardrobe in the UK, I'm sure Lottie Moss will be another homegrown beauty!

Photo via The Evening Standard

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Alexander McQueen was the theme for this year's gala, so I was keen to see what masterpieces were going to be on show. Following the Royal Wedding, and Kate Middleton wearing a McQueen dress, this weekend has been a credit to the new genius behind the brand, Sarah Burton, and I think she does the brand great justice.

I've always been a fan of the McQueen brand and think my love was truly cemented when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker in her McQueen gown for the Costume Institute Anglo Mania Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2006.

Here are my hit and misses of the gowns from last night, some McQueen, but not all!

McQueen Hits:

Salma Hayek                                                                              Sarah Jessica Parker

Karen Elson

Other Hits:

Ashley Greene in Donna Karen

Liv Tyler in Givenchy


Naomi in couture McQueen - this just looks a bit odd, doesn't do her any justice. I'm sure fabrics etc are exquisite but the shape is not so great, might just be a bad angle but not overwhelmed.
Beyoncé in Emilio Pucci - I love it from the waist down, but the neckline doesn't do it for me. There seems to be a bit too much going on. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry. Too much on show here, and don't like the colour. 

Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane. Never really been a fan of Alexa, and this is another example of why. Her legs look far too thin here. Like the mesh neckline but not the line pattern or shape of the dress. 

All photos from Daily Mail online via Getty.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Here are a couple of my favourite ads that are around on our screens lately, the first is the Lacoste, Eau de Lacoste ad which I love. It's very neat and has a sense of structure. I feel there is some inspiration from the Apple ads, which work heavily around 'hands', i.e. the iphone ads where the user shows the simple steps to download new music or new apps. However, Lacoste have put their own spin on it and focused on the straight lines of their folded polo shirts and shape of their new fragrance bottle.


The second is the Thinkbox ad based in the dogs home. I love dogs so might be slightly biased in this one but do think this was a very clever way of getting their message across. They poke fun at themselves which I always think is a good way to advertise, plus the dogs are super cute!

Have you seen these ads? What are your current favourites? Hope everyone has a good week!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


You may have seen my post the other week about my Geleration manicure - you can read the review here. Well, today I have an update for you - below is a shot of my nails 3 weeks later.

You can see that there is a slight chip to the thumb, however, this was a result after moving offices at work so a lot of packing and lifting etc and I think that they survived pretty well! You can see how my nails have grown as the base of the colour is now a fair distance away from the bed of my nail!

So overall I would recommend this manicure, but do hunt around to find the best deal, as I initially got mine done at Rush who charge £40, but I have now found, via a friend, a salon in my local high-street who are doing exactly the same manicure, using Jessica polishes, for £20! £40 is a bit steep but I'd happy pay £20 for it!

Let me know if you've had this manicure before and what you thought of it!

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Recently the Outdoor Hall of Fame was published, highlighting your favourite outdoor adverts from the past five decades. You can click here to see all the results but here are a few of my favourites. These stuck out for me as you instantly remember what the ad was for and the media commotion it generated.

Remember this one? Dove advertising women with 'real curves' - what did you make of it?

I loved the TV ad campaign that went alongside this print campaign, everyone dancing along to their music - remember?

OK, so I might not have been around when this ad came out in 1966 but it's been in so many ad books and other publications I feel like I have grown up with it.

What are your favourite ads - did any of the ads you love not make the shortlist? Let me know!

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Just a couple of shots of my whereabouts over the last couple of weekends... I've stayed up in London a few times lately and took these snapshots...

A poster and vinyl store in one of the Camden Arches in Camden Lock

An old Police telephone with a sign saying the following; 'an original Police telephone, free for use of public. The telephone is no longer operational, please use nearby payphone.' - Found this just along from the Museum of London.

The view of St Paul's from the new 'One New Change' shopping centre in the city.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Have any of you (girls) tried the new 'geleration' manicure yet? I got some salon vouchers for Christmas and decided to use them to try it out. I went to a RUSH salon who charge £40 which is quite steep but if you can get a recommend a friend discount (50%) makes it much more bearable! They used the Jessica Geleration range.

I don't usually ever get my nails done as I quite enjoy doing it myself and like the end results. However I was interested in trying this as it is meant to strengthen your nails and isn't supposed to chip. I have never had fake or acrylic nails as they aren't great for your nails, but this isn't anything like that. It is literally a nail polish. It is applied like a nail polish and doesn't make your nails look really thick. 

I would recommend this treatment, especially if you're used to forking out on getting your nails done. My first manicure lasted ages - it didn't chip, my nails were stronger. They survived being bent back from getting trapped in doors / drawers without chipping or breaking. They did look a bit ridiculous by the time I could get them done again but only because my nails had grown out so much that there was a significant gap between the base of my nail and the start of the polish!

When I went to get them re-done the manicurist actually said 'you should be an advert for this treatment' they'd lasted so well! 

I'll post an update of photos later on to illustrate how they last (I forgot to do it with the last one!) But below are images from getting them removed (they put remover on cotton pads in foil and leave for 10 mins as it is that bit more tougher than normal polish) and then new finished result!

Overall, if you're the type who is happy to splurge a bit on personal appearance I would suggest this treatment to you! There are rumors about that smaller salons have started doing it as well who are cheaper so if you're interested ring round for the best deal.

Getting the old ones taken off...

My nails - 5 days in...

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


 George Reid, C Museum of London

On Saturday I went to the above exhibition, which was free, always a plus! I have a genuine interest in photography, I love photographs and the memories they hold and have more often than not been accused of having the 'snap happy' approach to photography! 

I was keen to see this exhibition as it combines two of my favourite things - photography and London. It proved to be a very popular day to go, as I had to get a ticket to view the exhibition at an allocated time due to how busy it was - so if you plan to go, check in at reception to see if you need to get a time ticket.

The exhibition starts with a video of some of the photographers involved in the exhibition, discussing what photography meant to them and how they got into street photography. I particularly liked Matt Stuart's piece, he came across as very down to earth and explained how it is 'important to work out who you are as an artist,' and that you get 'inspiration from others but you need to make it your own and not just imitate it.' I thought this was an interesting point as this can be applied across the board, not just in photography. We all get inspired by different people and is it always great to have inspiration but it is also important to use this in the right way to create your own mark. 

There was a great character in this film - Wolf Suschitzky, who talked about how it was much easier to photograph in the street in years gone by as no one really paid any attention, unlike today where people will always notice a camera. 

The photographs themselves take you on a journey through London's history. I think my favourites were the older photographs as they help illustrate a time I have no connection to and so help tell a story. I particularly liked one of Henry Dixon's shots from 1882 as you could see a poster / advert in the foreground for Singer sewing machines; a 'trendy' antique to have nowadays. 

A couple of other favourites were Paul Martin's 'Street Urchins' which illustrated three young children sitting on the pavement - two without any shoes on, and George Davison Reid's shot titled 'Crowds outside the newspaper house' Fleet Street 1930. (image above) This crowd was all men and they all were wearing bowler hats, except the young boys in flat caps. It shows a different era, a time when it was deemed unsuitable for men to leave the house without their hat on. 

Life did look much harder in the early 1900's and you can tell this in some of the subjects faces - yet there is a clear sense of unity as there were several shots from the Queen's coronation which showed families setting up the street for their celebrations - something you'd struggle to find nowadays. 

The more modern shots had a much more playful side to them and were entertaining for a different reasons. I liked a shot taken on the ground of the lower half of a pigeon walking alongside the legs of men in suits. 

Overall I think it was a great exhibition and would highly recommend to all, not just those from London but everyone. The fact that it is free is a great plus and reminded me that I need to make the most of all free exhibitions in future!

Henry Grant, 1967-04 C Henry Grant Collection, Museum of London on display for London Street Photography at the Museum.

C Paul Russell, Courtesy Museum of London

With thanks to The Museum of London for the images.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Below are the new shots for Megan Fox's latest campaign with Armani. I'll be the first to admit I have a girl crush on her, she is hot - there's no need to beat around the bush... however, there was one image that shocked me a little... wonder if you can spot which one...

Here with very little and natural styled make up - exposing her famous tattoos. 

Glammed up in sexy backless dress

And then we have this one - at first glance a beautiful shot and I love the black backdrop - but then you notice... the stomach... 

All images via Daily Mail

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Hi all - this is a little bit of self promotion here - but I've near completion on a project with Clearasil / E4's skins where I have provided them with some photographs for the new Skins iPhone app...if you wish to download the app click here.

You can see my photos in the 'style' section...and there's a bunch of other great stuff on there to, if you're a skins fan it's a must have to keep up with all the gossip from the show!


Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I'll be the first to admit it that when VB announced her move into fashion, I didn't expect much from her collections and to be honest I didn't really want to like them. However, I have since changed my mind. Sure, there's the whole debate about how much designing she actually does and how big her team around her is to help her, but once you look past all that, some of her designs really are beautiful and I thnk she has surprised a lot of people out there so fair play VB!

I always love her choice of colour palette and the shapes and structure of her clothing always looks fantastic. You often see a range of celebrities in her items, which shows that they are practical (even if they're not affordable!) which I like as well. I love seeing catwalk collections being worn in everyday situations, alright they are celebrity real life situations but still!

Here is a selection of my favourites from her current collection...

All images Vogue

Monday, 7 February 2011


So it's that time of year when we all have to frantically find a present for our loved one... I'm not really a fan of this 'holiday' as I think it's a bit of a 'Hallmark holiday' and couples should buy each other presents / spend time together because they WANT to not because they feel they HAVE to. But I realise that to a lot of people it is a time of year that you can guarantee some personal time with each other.

So, what is the perfect gift for the other half? And where do you start to look? 

This year Ann Summers are pulling out all the stops to try and make this the easiest and most enjoying Valentines shopping experience ever. They are re branding some of their key stores, such as the one on Oxford Street, with 'Man Summers' fascias and even hiring models to walk around the stores in the products they have on offer. 

They are also offering taxi hire for the men to be picked up and dropped off at the store and then dropped back again, ensuring they don't have to travel on the tube or bus with all their Ann Summers bags for the world to see!

Not sure about you, but think this could be a bit risque... advertising models in store who will be wearing very little could attract the wrong attention! And I'm sure most women wont really want their man eyeing up another woman supposedly 'picturing' what their partner will look like in the latest underwear collection! However, it's a great gimmick and has got a fair bit of press coverage, so fair play to them. 

If anyone gets a chance to get down to one of their stores, be great to hear how your shopping experience was! The transformation will take place tomorrow for the week leading up to Feb 14th!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The other day I got sent the latest Jack Wills catalogue - now I'm not sure how I got on this mailing list as I've not ever actually bought anything from this shop, however I had a quick flick through none the less. I have to say, I was a little shocked, and slightly disgusted at what I found. 

Sure most items are very expensive, some may say overpriced, but I had expected that. The soft porn imagery however I had not expected! Now, at the expense of sounding like an out of touch young person, I really did not like some of the imagery used in the new catalogue. I found it completely unnecessary and really not the type of thing that Jack Wills should be displaying to their customers. 

Considering a good chunk of their customers are under 16 I really quite inappropriate. I understand that the imagery that Jack Will use are to portray a 'lifestyle' and are aimed at young, carefree youths but I think this time they have gone too far. 

But hey, don't let me be the judge, have a look for yourself and see what you think... 

A little bit risqué but think can cope with that...
Don't really like the group thing going on here...

But wait for it... this was the killer....

 Suitable??? I don't think so...

Monday, 31 January 2011

Yay or nay? I'm not sure....

The colouring of these ads is very vibrant and I don't know why but can't really decide if glasses suit Kate or not and in the sunglasses shot I don't think really looks like her. Overall I'm not really bowled over by these ads as I do think that the bright colours makes it look a bit cheap, not really a fan of the strap-line either...I do however like the glasses in the last ad below...what do you make of them? (the ads and the glasses!)

Thursday, 27 January 2011


Just before Christmas my friend told me about Rejuvacote, a nail polish that is meant to strengthen and help your nails grow. Sure, there are many polishes that claim to do the same thing already on the market, but when I saw her nails I was really impressed with them so thought would give it a go myself. My mum also really suffers from weak nails so thought she would be a good person to sample it on.

It doesn't come cheap, I paid £12 for this polish, other online stockists do charge less but they normally have a minimum spend which can be anything from £20 - £35, so in the end I paid more for it just so I didn't end up spending money on other products that I didn't really need or want.

Have to say, this stuff is pretty good! The suggested method is that you apply a coat a day for a week, then remove it and by then your nails should feel stronger and then you can just apply it as a base coat from then on to maintain the nail strength.

You can apply a colour over the top and then keep putting Rejuvacote on over the top, or just keep them clear if you wish. After the third day I did start to notice a difference. My mum however, did have a few more problems. It appeared that the polish did chip away at the top for the first couple of days, but she did persevere and by the end of the week her nails did feel much stronger and 'less bendy.' 

I have found that applying this polish as a top coat also really helps to prevent colour chipping. I have had it on with two different colours underneath to check it wasn't a fluke and both have lasted over a week without any major chipping.

So, if you aren't too scared of the idea of paying over a tenner for a nail polish I would give this a try and the bottle is quite big so should last you a decent period of time. Let me know if you've already heard of this and have tried it - did you have the same success? 

You can order Rejuvacote from the following stockists:

The Nail company - £6.99, but this site has a minimum spend.

Amazon - £7.49, but you will have to pay for delivery.

Salon Skin Care - £11.95, this is where I ordered from.

My nails, 6 days in... no chips!

Monday, 17 January 2011


On Saturday I had the (not so) bright idea of going into Abercrombie to get my sister her birthday present. Now I've been in the store before, think I went in to have a look round when it first opened just to see what it was like, which was completely pointless as was exactly the same as all the stores in the US!

However, I was in the area and I know my sister likes their stuff so thought I'd have a look round. Good Lord, if I'd have known what a circus that place has turned into I would not have bothered.

I was prepared for the overly loud music and ridiculously dim lightening, however I was not prepared for the random dancing employees and the poor service.

I managed to find the item I wanted quite quickly which is a miracle in itself, however, the size I wanted was not in my reach, so I asked one of the million sales assistants to help me. On my 'excuse me' request the girl turned round and just replied 'yes' in a 'how dare you interrupt my conversation' type manner. However, her colleague who got the right size down for me was much more pleasant, shame they're not all like that.

Now, the fun begins when you go to pay... no joke, I was queuing for 40 MINUTES TO PAY!! I went upstairs to join the queue only to be told that the queue actually went back into another room and snaked all the way round... at first I thought OK sure, but they should be quite quick and so shouldn't be here too long. Oh how wrong.

Not only was it boiling, the loud music was really starting to grate me and the annoying dancing people were driving me round the bend. The reason I waited this long was because it was a gift and once I'd found the item I really did think my sister would love it and so was adamant to stay, but I don't understand how people usually put up with it!

Tell me, if you're an abercrombie fan... how do you put up with such poor service and annoying staff? Would you not just rather order it online? Which I would've done if I'd thought about it earlier and had the time to do so.

Now you'd think with such a huge store with a high footfall, especially on a Saturday they would have at least 10 tills lined up with urgent staff working as quickly as possible. Oh no, when I finally made it into the 'till room' I was welcomed to 4 tills! Only 4?! Madness, but there were about 15 staff behind the tills all just slowing down the process rather than speed it up. I kept seeing members of staff walking around with walkie talkies and head pieces, but who knows what they were actually doing as the staff seem to be running around like headless chickens! As my dad would say... all the gear and no idea!

When I got to the front and saw a till clear, I walked over to the counter, where the family in front of me had paid and moved to the side whilst they waited for their items to be bagged. I happily handed over my item, only to hear the cashier guy say, 'wait a minute.' - Are you joking me? There is a queue going back through about 5 different rooms, you can start my transaction as one of your colleagues is putting the previous customers items in a bag for them - you are standing there doing sod all! But no, I had to wait for the bag to be packed so he could just hand it over to them - why the bag packer person couldn't do that is beyond me!

I finally parted with my cash and got the hell out of there. Not only was the whole experience awful, the half naked guy at the entrance wasn't even hot! - Step up your game Abercrombie! I know you obviously don't need to care about customer service as you still seem to get customers coming through the door, but what with all the recent negative press they've just had you'd think they'd try and make a bit of an effort.

I really want to hear your opinions on this one, as I know I sound a bit like an old fart moaning about the music etc and I'm sure loads of people will be thinking why didn't I just leave the store and not give them my money but I really wanted to see how long it would take and I got to the point when I'd been there long enough I thought I may as well sit it out!

Are any of you out there put off by the thought of loud music, dark lightening and ridiculous queues? Do you not care because you love the products so much? Be great to hear your opinions, any US readers out there, what is it like over there? As I know the UK store is a bit more manic as it's the only one outside the US, but do you find any of the store's characteristics annoying? Be good to hear from you... in the mean time, from now on the next time I want anything from there I will most certainly be getting it online... wonder what that service is like!?

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Have you guys seen the new trophy designed by fashion legend and British icon; Vivienne Westwood? I think it looks a lot better. Much more eye catching and draping the flag over the statue empahsises the Britishness! 

Vivienne has always been a great inspiration to me and a designer that I am consistently in love with. I can always imagine myself wearing her designs and in a dream world would wear a V.Westwood suit to work everyday!

Westwood also has very strong links to the music industry, both personal and professional making this collaboration a sensible and successful one!

But the proof is in the pudding as they say, below is the new design... what do you think??

Monday, 10 January 2011


You may remember way back in September I went to the Veja Launch event held at the Darkroom in Holborn... this was the launch of their bag collection which were beautifully designed and produced. The event was a great success and Darkroom is a really beautiful boutique that I recommend anyone to go to. Well, since then the Veja brand has gone from strength to strength and I now I have the delight in showing their new range of laptop cases and wallets.

The ethos behind Veja is sustainability and eco-friendly. As I discussed in my previous post on Veja... those two elements usually mean that the products are unattractive, stiff and generally not that nice to wear / use. However, Veja have managed to ensure that ec-friendly equals beauty.

The leather that they use for their products is so soft you can't help but stroke the items! And all is produced in Brazil and they use vegetable and plant extracts to die their materials. You can read more about their production in my previous post.

For now, I'll let you marvel at their latest collection. They laptop cases are currently stocked at Ideologoy whilst the wallets can be found at Darkroom. The cases are retailing at £70 and the wallets between £50 and £65. Both very reasonable prices for the quality you get!

Let me know what you think, or if you went to the original launch event, would be great to hear from you and share your thoughts on the products! I am also heading to their showroom next week where I will be able to get up close and personal with the new products so keep checking back to see my own photos of the products and a write up of the showroom itself!

One of the available wallets in 'rock.'

The laptop case which comes in 5 different colours.

One of the original bags from their first collection.

All images courtesy of Veja. 
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