Monday, 17 January 2011


On Saturday I had the (not so) bright idea of going into Abercrombie to get my sister her birthday present. Now I've been in the store before, think I went in to have a look round when it first opened just to see what it was like, which was completely pointless as was exactly the same as all the stores in the US!

However, I was in the area and I know my sister likes their stuff so thought I'd have a look round. Good Lord, if I'd have known what a circus that place has turned into I would not have bothered.

I was prepared for the overly loud music and ridiculously dim lightening, however I was not prepared for the random dancing employees and the poor service.

I managed to find the item I wanted quite quickly which is a miracle in itself, however, the size I wanted was not in my reach, so I asked one of the million sales assistants to help me. On my 'excuse me' request the girl turned round and just replied 'yes' in a 'how dare you interrupt my conversation' type manner. However, her colleague who got the right size down for me was much more pleasant, shame they're not all like that.

Now, the fun begins when you go to pay... no joke, I was queuing for 40 MINUTES TO PAY!! I went upstairs to join the queue only to be told that the queue actually went back into another room and snaked all the way round... at first I thought OK sure, but they should be quite quick and so shouldn't be here too long. Oh how wrong.

Not only was it boiling, the loud music was really starting to grate me and the annoying dancing people were driving me round the bend. The reason I waited this long was because it was a gift and once I'd found the item I really did think my sister would love it and so was adamant to stay, but I don't understand how people usually put up with it!

Tell me, if you're an abercrombie fan... how do you put up with such poor service and annoying staff? Would you not just rather order it online? Which I would've done if I'd thought about it earlier and had the time to do so.

Now you'd think with such a huge store with a high footfall, especially on a Saturday they would have at least 10 tills lined up with urgent staff working as quickly as possible. Oh no, when I finally made it into the 'till room' I was welcomed to 4 tills! Only 4?! Madness, but there were about 15 staff behind the tills all just slowing down the process rather than speed it up. I kept seeing members of staff walking around with walkie talkies and head pieces, but who knows what they were actually doing as the staff seem to be running around like headless chickens! As my dad would say... all the gear and no idea!

When I got to the front and saw a till clear, I walked over to the counter, where the family in front of me had paid and moved to the side whilst they waited for their items to be bagged. I happily handed over my item, only to hear the cashier guy say, 'wait a minute.' - Are you joking me? There is a queue going back through about 5 different rooms, you can start my transaction as one of your colleagues is putting the previous customers items in a bag for them - you are standing there doing sod all! But no, I had to wait for the bag to be packed so he could just hand it over to them - why the bag packer person couldn't do that is beyond me!

I finally parted with my cash and got the hell out of there. Not only was the whole experience awful, the half naked guy at the entrance wasn't even hot! - Step up your game Abercrombie! I know you obviously don't need to care about customer service as you still seem to get customers coming through the door, but what with all the recent negative press they've just had you'd think they'd try and make a bit of an effort.

I really want to hear your opinions on this one, as I know I sound a bit like an old fart moaning about the music etc and I'm sure loads of people will be thinking why didn't I just leave the store and not give them my money but I really wanted to see how long it would take and I got to the point when I'd been there long enough I thought I may as well sit it out!

Are any of you out there put off by the thought of loud music, dark lightening and ridiculous queues? Do you not care because you love the products so much? Be great to hear your opinions, any US readers out there, what is it like over there? As I know the UK store is a bit more manic as it's the only one outside the US, but do you find any of the store's characteristics annoying? Be good to hear from you... in the mean time, from now on the next time I want anything from there I will most certainly be getting it online... wonder what that service is like!?

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simone.fairly said...

So funny! I was in our local Abercrombie today, looking for something for my daughter and was thinking to myself the entire time "Am I just old or does everyone that comes in here feel like it's the worst shopping experience ever???"

The music is so loud you can not even hear yourself think, the stench of perfume that they spray in every room is overwhelming, the lighting so bad that you can't tell if it's blue, black or grey and don't even get me started on the rude teenagers running the place!

I walked through until I couldn't stand it any more, and left with a migraine. Went straight to Nordstom! You know how this story ends... I left Norstrom very pleased with my purchase and after having been waited on hand and foot. The lovely teenager who helped me there let me know that I wasn't old, and that her mom refuses to shop at Abercrombie too!

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