Thursday, 27 January 2011


Just before Christmas my friend told me about Rejuvacote, a nail polish that is meant to strengthen and help your nails grow. Sure, there are many polishes that claim to do the same thing already on the market, but when I saw her nails I was really impressed with them so thought would give it a go myself. My mum also really suffers from weak nails so thought she would be a good person to sample it on.

It doesn't come cheap, I paid £12 for this polish, other online stockists do charge less but they normally have a minimum spend which can be anything from £20 - £35, so in the end I paid more for it just so I didn't end up spending money on other products that I didn't really need or want.

Have to say, this stuff is pretty good! The suggested method is that you apply a coat a day for a week, then remove it and by then your nails should feel stronger and then you can just apply it as a base coat from then on to maintain the nail strength.

You can apply a colour over the top and then keep putting Rejuvacote on over the top, or just keep them clear if you wish. After the third day I did start to notice a difference. My mum however, did have a few more problems. It appeared that the polish did chip away at the top for the first couple of days, but she did persevere and by the end of the week her nails did feel much stronger and 'less bendy.' 

I have found that applying this polish as a top coat also really helps to prevent colour chipping. I have had it on with two different colours underneath to check it wasn't a fluke and both have lasted over a week without any major chipping.

So, if you aren't too scared of the idea of paying over a tenner for a nail polish I would give this a try and the bottle is quite big so should last you a decent period of time. Let me know if you've already heard of this and have tried it - did you have the same success? 

You can order Rejuvacote from the following stockists:

The Nail company - £6.99, but this site has a minimum spend.

Amazon - £7.49, but you will have to pay for delivery.

Salon Skin Care - £11.95, this is where I ordered from.

My nails, 6 days in... no chips!

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daisychain said...

I need this in my life!

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