Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I'll be the first to admit it that when VB announced her move into fashion, I didn't expect much from her collections and to be honest I didn't really want to like them. However, I have since changed my mind. Sure, there's the whole debate about how much designing she actually does and how big her team around her is to help her, but once you look past all that, some of her designs really are beautiful and I thnk she has surprised a lot of people out there so fair play VB!

I always love her choice of colour palette and the shapes and structure of her clothing always looks fantastic. You often see a range of celebrities in her items, which shows that they are practical (even if they're not affordable!) which I like as well. I love seeing catwalk collections being worn in everyday situations, alright they are celebrity real life situations but still!

Here is a selection of my favourites from her current collection...

All images Vogue

Monday, 7 February 2011


So it's that time of year when we all have to frantically find a present for our loved one... I'm not really a fan of this 'holiday' as I think it's a bit of a 'Hallmark holiday' and couples should buy each other presents / spend time together because they WANT to not because they feel they HAVE to. But I realise that to a lot of people it is a time of year that you can guarantee some personal time with each other.

So, what is the perfect gift for the other half? And where do you start to look? 

This year Ann Summers are pulling out all the stops to try and make this the easiest and most enjoying Valentines shopping experience ever. They are re branding some of their key stores, such as the one on Oxford Street, with 'Man Summers' fascias and even hiring models to walk around the stores in the products they have on offer. 

They are also offering taxi hire for the men to be picked up and dropped off at the store and then dropped back again, ensuring they don't have to travel on the tube or bus with all their Ann Summers bags for the world to see!

Not sure about you, but think this could be a bit risque... advertising models in store who will be wearing very little could attract the wrong attention! And I'm sure most women wont really want their man eyeing up another woman supposedly 'picturing' what their partner will look like in the latest underwear collection! However, it's a great gimmick and has got a fair bit of press coverage, so fair play to them. 

If anyone gets a chance to get down to one of their stores, be great to hear how your shopping experience was! The transformation will take place tomorrow for the week leading up to Feb 14th!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The other day I got sent the latest Jack Wills catalogue - now I'm not sure how I got on this mailing list as I've not ever actually bought anything from this shop, however I had a quick flick through none the less. I have to say, I was a little shocked, and slightly disgusted at what I found. 

Sure most items are very expensive, some may say overpriced, but I had expected that. The soft porn imagery however I had not expected! Now, at the expense of sounding like an out of touch young person, I really did not like some of the imagery used in the new catalogue. I found it completely unnecessary and really not the type of thing that Jack Wills should be displaying to their customers. 

Considering a good chunk of their customers are under 16 I really quite inappropriate. I understand that the imagery that Jack Will use are to portray a 'lifestyle' and are aimed at young, carefree youths but I think this time they have gone too far. 

But hey, don't let me be the judge, have a look for yourself and see what you think... 

A little bit risqué but think can cope with that...
Don't really like the group thing going on here...

But wait for it... this was the killer....

 Suitable??? I don't think so...
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