Sunday, 13 March 2011


Have any of you (girls) tried the new 'geleration' manicure yet? I got some salon vouchers for Christmas and decided to use them to try it out. I went to a RUSH salon who charge £40 which is quite steep but if you can get a recommend a friend discount (50%) makes it much more bearable! They used the Jessica Geleration range.

I don't usually ever get my nails done as I quite enjoy doing it myself and like the end results. However I was interested in trying this as it is meant to strengthen your nails and isn't supposed to chip. I have never had fake or acrylic nails as they aren't great for your nails, but this isn't anything like that. It is literally a nail polish. It is applied like a nail polish and doesn't make your nails look really thick. 

I would recommend this treatment, especially if you're used to forking out on getting your nails done. My first manicure lasted ages - it didn't chip, my nails were stronger. They survived being bent back from getting trapped in doors / drawers without chipping or breaking. They did look a bit ridiculous by the time I could get them done again but only because my nails had grown out so much that there was a significant gap between the base of my nail and the start of the polish!

When I went to get them re-done the manicurist actually said 'you should be an advert for this treatment' they'd lasted so well! 

I'll post an update of photos later on to illustrate how they last (I forgot to do it with the last one!) But below are images from getting them removed (they put remover on cotton pads in foil and leave for 10 mins as it is that bit more tougher than normal polish) and then new finished result!

Overall, if you're the type who is happy to splurge a bit on personal appearance I would suggest this treatment to you! There are rumors about that smaller salons have started doing it as well who are cheaper so if you're interested ring round for the best deal.

Getting the old ones taken off...

My nails - 5 days in...

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