Monday, 18 April 2011


Here are a couple of my favourite ads that are around on our screens lately, the first is the Lacoste, Eau de Lacoste ad which I love. It's very neat and has a sense of structure. I feel there is some inspiration from the Apple ads, which work heavily around 'hands', i.e. the iphone ads where the user shows the simple steps to download new music or new apps. However, Lacoste have put their own spin on it and focused on the straight lines of their folded polo shirts and shape of their new fragrance bottle.


The second is the Thinkbox ad based in the dogs home. I love dogs so might be slightly biased in this one but do think this was a very clever way of getting their message across. They poke fun at themselves which I always think is a good way to advertise, plus the dogs are super cute!

Have you seen these ads? What are your current favourites? Hope everyone has a good week!

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