Tuesday, 5 April 2011


You may have seen my post the other week about my Geleration manicure - you can read the review here. Well, today I have an update for you - below is a shot of my nails 3 weeks later.

You can see that there is a slight chip to the thumb, however, this was a result after moving offices at work so a lot of packing and lifting etc and I think that they survived pretty well! You can see how my nails have grown as the base of the colour is now a fair distance away from the bed of my nail!

So overall I would recommend this manicure, but do hunt around to find the best deal, as I initially got mine done at Rush who charge £40, but I have now found, via a friend, a salon in my local high-street who are doing exactly the same manicure, using Jessica polishes, for £20! £40 is a bit steep but I'd happy pay £20 for it!

Let me know if you've had this manicure before and what you thought of it!

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