Me + My Blog...

Hello all...

I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in the summer of 2009, gaining a BA Hons in Fashion Marketing and Communications. Whilst studying at university we were urged by our tutor to start up a blog and try and self promote ourselves...I'm so glad I listened to him (thanks Tim Rundell wherever you are!)

Whilst I was at uni my blog was updated every now and then, about what was going on with my degree and uploading bits and bobs of my work, then the whole process of trying to find a job after graduating. However in the past 6 - 8 months I've tried to develop my blog, updating it more frequently and trying to outline my thoughts and opinions on a range of different topics.

I've talked about new collections by designers, moaned about some celebrity collaborations, and other things I've come across. I'm slowly, but surely getting a group of followers - who I am very appreciative of - and enjoy reading peoples' comments. It's sometimes nice to know that others share your opinions and that you're not going completely insane!

I am also getting in touch with online magazines and other blogs to contribute to, to try and extend my audience and reach new people.

If you are interested in working with me, what me to review a product or have any other enquiries please do get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy reading my blog! Come join me on Twitter Here for other updates and photo uploads of my day to day happenings!
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